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During Feature Testing, a wide range of techniques are selected and applied in order to find defects before the product goes into production. Techsoware has developed its own testing methodology called ĎTest Case Specificationí, which combines different best-practice approaches in order to ensure high quality test cases. Feature testing will differentiate the following test typesSoftware Testing goes beyond testing functionality based on requirements. An independent view of the software from an end userís perspective is the key to successful software. A Testing Center of Excellence brings you an independent view of the software without losing any control on your testing teams. It is a great combination to deliver great software with high quality.

We understand that each customer has a different need when it comes to their testing needs. It could be based on release cycles, complexity of software, domain, technology and most importantly, their budget. Testing Center of Excellence is your exclusive team built with set of highly skilled professional testing personnel and optimized resources, exclusively built to suit your specific needs. We help you build a TCoE basing on how your needs are prioritized. TCoE can accrue many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, faster time to market, and lower cost.

Advantages of Techsoware TCoE Independent Testing

In addition to being your own testing team, this team brings in an independent view to the software. Independent software testing goes beyond mapping the software to the requirements and aids in the identification of issues, usually missed by a co-located team. There could be several other critical aspects, independent software testing points out:

  1. Issues from an end userís perspective
  2. Basic usability and user experience issues
  3. Non-functional issues
Process Optimization

working with different customers, facing various challenges and solving customer problems has helped us build and deliver an optimized process for testing. Our testing process goes beyond testing software. We help our customers optimize testing process right from the code check-in to acceptance testing stage while assisting them in improving their testing efficiency and productivity.

Test Center of Excellence
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